Monday, 7 March 2011

The Sound of Silence

I'm getting the hang of this blogging business (yes, it's Iain Macleod, Mairead's Dad with another guest post) and have been allowed access to again offer some thoughts on how things are going with Mairead's treatment.

Her chemo is finished now and she will get the stem cell transplant tomorrow.

She was very weak, silent, drained and immobile yesterday; indeed she fainted on her two excursions from the bed- possibly because of dehydration. But today she has been brighter, eating and Facebooking (is that a word?). She even got two questions right on University Challenge.

So far this high dose chemo seems to have hit her less hard than the last. In the next ten days though, until the stem cells start reproducing, Mairead can expect a good deal of pain although the staff will be able to use what they learned from her last treatment to get on top of it.

Ruth and Ali were here for a few days and really boosted her morale. Thank you.

I offered her black pudding tonight- she didn't fancy it! But she did have some mince (they never seem to cook that on MasterChef).

Mairead knows that some people who themselves are suffering sometimes read her blog and she says she is especially thinking of them.

I waited for the Lord my God
And patiently did bear
At length to me He did incline
My voice and cry to hear


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    We continue to pray and be thinking lots of positivity for Mairead!

  2. I cant believe I left before witnessing a university challenge success! and black pudding for that matter :)


  3. Stay strong Mairead, those beloved stem cells will be back soon!!