Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Go Ahead

Mum has popped out to Waitrose so I am having an afternoon listening to Rilo Kiley. I am only two days in and sick of daytime TV.. A lady came round this morning offering foot massages - I've never had one before so I thought I might as well. However, I could not stop laughing.. It was so tickly! I don't know if I have incredibly tickly feet or it is the neuropathy (let's blame the neuropathy) but I just kept on giggling. In the end I think she got rather frustrated and just 'massaged' around my feet..

Today is supposed to be a day off chemotherapy but as it started late yesterday I didn't get unhooked until 2pm. I took a photo of the schedule if anyone wants a look.. I still don't really understand it.

Basically, I'm getting a lot of drugs and I am having to run to the loo constantly! I am already starting to feel a bit ropey, I'm not looking forward to it hitting hard. The last time I think it was about 4 days in so let's see how I am on Friday.. Mum and Dad's friend Peter popped in to say 'hi' today and Auntie Dianne is coming round tonight. Ruth and Ally are also coming up tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing them. It feels strange that a whole day has passed and I have done absolutely nothing. It is incredibly frustrating. The steroids are also being chucked at me quick and fast which means my sleep will be rubbish... I do not cope well being sleep deprived and if anyone is coming to see me in the next few weeks, be prepared - I will be very grumpy. I am trying not to think about the other side effects at the moment. I have nothing else to report so.. Laters!

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  1. I am sitting next to you, but HI! I LOVE YOU! :0 xxxx