Friday, 18 March 2011

Hello neutrophils...

I am writing this from my phone as the internet hasn't been working today. I apologise now for any spelling mistakes so will keep this brief! My doctor came in to inform me today that I have 1 neutrophil.. Yes big news! I had 0.1 yesterday so they took a huge leap today! She came into my room and didn't put on a white apron - that's when I knew I would receive good news! She said I was even allowed to leave my room.. Very exciting. I had a lovely visit in the shape of Aileen so when she arrived we went to the Costa downstairs for carrot cake. My mouth is still pretty sore but I powered through - mainly because I love carrot cake! I'm not sure exactly when I'll be allowed out but we're hoping for Monday (keep everything crossed). Today they've given me a lot of fluids and some blood so that should perk me up. I have eaten quite a lot tonight as my mouth is so much better. I cannot wait to have a good meal though! If I'm allowed out on Sunday we'll maybe get to Daphne's.. I would love that as she makes an amazing Sunday roast (subtle hint there..). Anyway I best be off, I feel like I want to say a lot more but I don't really trust my phone. Hopefully this post makes sense and I'll have internet access tomorrow (to check all my mistakes). Good night all.


  1. night our lovely little mai :) carrot cake and roasts by the tonne await you, I am so excited for you:) we are all so proud,


  2. Great news! Hurray. I really hope you will be able to go home soon!

  3. Mmmm carrot cake, I'll try and master the art of cake making for your return...the last attempt was a tad below par...much like the tablet and cheesecake :)

    Fingers crossed for Monday mon cherie


  4. So excited for your one neutrophil! Hope you get out on Monday :)