Thursday, 21 April 2011

This weather is not good for baldies

There are many reasons why I am not loving the weather at the moment (yes, I am aware I am probably the only one). Firstly, I don't like the heat. Mainly because I burn SO easily and it makes everyone smelly. Secondly, it is so much hassle having to figure out what to cover my head with! It was so easy in the winter when I could just chuck on a woolly hat but it is definitely far too hot for those bad boys now. Headscarves are alright I guess but are a total faff to put on and I'm always paranoid the wind it going to blow them away. Also, the wig makes your head roasting so is not the best option either. Basically, it's rubbish being a bald girl in this weather. I cannot WAIT for my hair to come back. It is taking it's sweet time!

Last week was rather busy so here are some snaps. Mum and I went to pick up James in Edinburgh and managed to pop into Armstrongs for a look about. I managed to buy a pretty fierce hat (none of the ones pictured unfortunately..).

On Friday I had the Beatson all day and on Saturday it was my friend Eilidh's wedding in St Andrews. It was simply wonderful! Rona was out on Saturday so I had to put my eyelashes on myself (she is normally my eyelash helper).. It took a while but I got there in the end. Eilidh looked beautiful and I'm so glad I could go.

Mum and I flew to London on Sunday and on Monday afternoon (after the hospital) we went straight for Liberty's (my favourite shop in the world). For some reason I bought an elephant shaped teapot... I'm not sure if I'll ever use it but it's cute yeah?!

We went for a wander down Carnaby Street (fish & chips with a glass of prosecco for lunch!) and then went back to Daphne's as I was wiped. This weekend is busy too - it's Jamie's birthday tomorrow and I have Jemma's hen weekend! I'm so excited! It should be great. To finish, here is a snap of Teen and I posing today (after Mum's car broke down just before a roundabout... Awkward).

As you can see, hair still not here. Hopefully it will be back soon...


  1. First of all you are a totally cute baldy!! So many hair choices...

    And second: You are totally NOT a loser for being all excited about the Royal Wedding!! I wish I was in the UK to take it all in. LUCKY YOU!!


  2. You still look great!
    I'm a little jealous though...its still not hot here.