Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have something in common with Prince William

My sister Teenie commented the other day that my hair is growing back in - hurrah! However, she then noticed that it is not growing in at both sides of my head.. I.E. like a receding hairline. There is a definite bit of 'fluff' over my head but at the two sides it is still rather smooth... As we all saw last Friday, Prince William did not resort to hair plugs but maybe I'll have to? How do they even work?! Jokes obvs. This obviously leads me on to the Royal Wedding... Ahhhhhh it was just lovely. We had a party to celebrate Ruth's birthday so the day was flowing with Pimms, Champagne and Cakes! We also had a bbq which was fab (even though I only ate half a roll.. Not sure why).

These are just some of the snaps, we had such a great day. It was so good to see everyone too. Ruth is also now 25... We're ancient! The weekend before was Jem's hen weekend and it was ace to see the girls - lots of wedding chat! I'm actually so excited! I need to get something to heal up the scars on my chest (as my dress is strapless) - does anyone know of anything? Is Bio Oil the best bet?! Here's some pics of the weekend..

Granny and Grandpa are visiting at the moment and have been looking after me very well! This means the house is fully supplied with cakes. I'm not complaining about this.

Yesterday Mum and I went to Wishaw to discuss dates for my operation. I had it in my head it would be the middle of June (three months after the High Dose) but they want to wait until September (six months after). Initially I was very disappointed about this - in my head, this all won't be over until the operation and the sooner that is done the better. I also don't want another Summer full of dread and waiting about/hospital appointments. However, they explained to me that if I went ahead with the operation in June my body will not be fully recovered from the chemo and it might take longer to recover from the operation. They feel if I wait until September, the recovery will most likely be smoother and I will hopefully not be in hospital for as long. They were being realistic with me which I appreciated. I hoped I would be fully recovered by Jem's wedding (end of July) but they said if I went ahead with the op in June there is no guarantee I'd be able to go to the wedding. I'm not exactly happy about this but I don't want to go against their recommendations. They're obviously the experts in this and I think I have to listen to their advice. It's frustrating that this is yet another thing that's changed but I think I'm used to it now.

I don't have much planned for today so I'm going to give my room a tidy up and listen to some music. It's such a lovely day so I should really go outside at some point! Later's!


  1. Bio oil is immense for sure love, you can also use palmers cocoa butter and pure vitmain e oil as well.There is lots of amazing makeup we can use to cover up anything you want to for the big day too. Everyone looks so lovely at the hen do- mega jel of the pink laides jackets. xxxx

  2. The hen do photos are amazing- you all look so lovely. And you know I just love that blue dress on you lady, looking good.
    I'll second Bio-Oil. I know there's a lot of hype around it but it really is the best thing. I could go on about it and sound like a bio oil rep but just do it and you'll see.
    have a cake for me!!

  3. I adored the Royal Wedding and was buzzed out for days afterward. I admit: I'm still reading the Daily Mail DAILY to see what I can see...sigh. It was perfect.

    Now about your hair. As someone who lost almost all her hair (uh yes I lost three quarters of mine in patchs...iiiiinteresting look it was) I can assure you it does grow back. First comes the patch fluff, then fine hair, then full on growth. You're on your way lady!!