Friday, 6 May 2011

I love voting

Well that was a pretty dramatic night for Scotland eh?! This blog is not the place for me to spout out my political views but it was very exciting (in a good way or bad way - you decide). I'm annoyed I didn't stay up and watch it all! So far, 59 constituencies have been announced and we're still awaiting the result of the Referendum (sometime this afternoon I think?!) so it should be an interesting day. I have never understood why somebody wouldn't use their vote, it really baffles me.

For some reason I am feeling incredibly reflective at the moment and it is constantly in my head that it is nearly a year since I was diagnosed (21st May). I still can't quite believe how much things can change in a year and the election last year really sticks out in my mind as a memorable night. As you probably know, I lived in a mouse infested flat with my friends Ruth and Amy. At the election last year, the mice were going for gold in Ruth's room (even running up her bed.. We couldn't cope) so she came through to my room knowing I'd be awake (I wasn't sleeping much at this point). As my stomach was so sore, I was constantly using Ruth's step machine (the motion seemed to help my stomach) which, on a side-note, actually toned my legs quite a bit! I was feeling pretty sick that night so we stayed up most of the night watching the election results. Ruth (being a trooper) made it into work the next day but I was busy throwing up.. Not nice. At this point I knew something must be up (never for one second thought it'd lead to this though) and it was pretty soon after Mum told me to come home. It's weird I've not been at work in a year too, it feels like an incredibly long time to not be working.

Here is a picture of myself, Rona, James and Teenie from last year. I can't wait for my hair to be that length again (think I've got a while to wait).

My TCT nurse, got me some free tickets to an event at the Exhibition Centre today then going out for dinner with Ruth and my sisters - should be good! I'm going to go downstairs, get my breakfast and turn on BBC to see what the haps are!


  1. Thinking back to that night is mad- it was going round in my head yesterday too, how strang eit was a year ago- what a way to have come!see you later on my little love xxxx

  2. it's been quite a year! You've come so far darling.

    Have an amazing time today looking forward to hearing all about it!