Sunday, 22 May 2011

One year.. And still in hospitals.

Well this has NOT been a fun week. My blood was taken on Tuesday and it turned out my neutrophils had dropped. As per usual, I was not told this until 6pm and was told to go into Wishaw General. The next few days were filled with contradictory information about whether I should be given my drugs IV or in tablet form. On Thursday they eventually decided to send me to Monklands Infectious Diseases Ward. Thursday was a really awful day and I was so angry that it took them so long to decide this. It was completely sprung up upon me. I was determined not to be in hospital on Saturday for two reasons.. Firstly, it was Teenie's show at the Exhibition Centre that a lot of us were going to and had been planned for months. Secondly, it is exactly one year since I was diagnosed and I really didn't want to be in hospital on that day. Typically though, I was. I made it clear to my Doctors that I needed to be out on Saturday and it was arranged that I could be. It was a great day but it was rather annoying having to go back to the hospital.

My rash is over my back and has spread to my stomach. I have to be given IV drugs three times a day and each infusion lasts about an hour. I asked if I could come home this afternoon and the doctor reluctantly said yes (I pointed out that my neutrophils have risen, I don't have a temperature, I don't need another IV infusion until the evening and I would get a proper feed at home!). As I have mentioned before, hospital food is RANK. I am literally just eating sandwiches. I still don't understand why there is never anything remotely healthy. It doesn't really make sense..

I really hate being in the hospital. I am in a room like I was for the high dose and it is so restricting. It is even more isolating being in there as it is more difficult for people to visit. There is internet access on the TV thing in my room but it is rather annoying (the mouse doesn't really work) so I've not been using it. I've managed to read quite a bit and going through some new stuff on my Ipod. I have also rekindled my love for Dawson's Creek so that is keeping me entertained. Teenie and I have played a lot of Spit but that's even difficult because I have a venflon in my hand! My veins are totally crap due to the battering they've had from the chemo. It normally takes a few tries to get blood which is rather painful. My arms have quite a number of bruises. I'm due back at the hospital this evening but don't know how long I'll be in for. I really hope it's not too much longer.


  1. So pleased they let you out this afternoon sweets.
    Can't believe it's been a year- you've come so far Mai.

    Hopefully you'll bust out of there for good very soon and when you do we can make up for the crap food and stuff you silly!!


  2. I am so sorry for you you are still in the hospital. I really hope your rash will get better soon and other things will turn for the better!
    Good they let you go this afternoon, your mum cooks good meals...

  3. what are you talking about the mouse in that place works like a DREAM :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx