Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lovely weather for a picnic

Total drama on the ward yesterday.. THERE WAS A SPIDER IN MY ROOM. Now, I absolutely detest spiders. It really doesn't help when someone says, "they're more scared of you" - worst response ever. Luckily, the nurses understood my fear (ie they were also terrified). One lovely nurse managed to trap the spider and release it out into the surroundings of Monklands. Panic over. This was the first spider I have ever seen in a hospital (and this year I have been in many hospitals, many times). So that is my big story of the day!

In other news, I am now home. After a week in hospital it felt good to leave today. The nurses at Monklands were so lovely and really looked after me. Every nurse commented on how nice my blanket is (thanks Granny) and they were all up for a blether (which I am also partial to). The rash has gone down quite a lot and I have not had much pain which is great!

The next week or so is rather busy so I'm just having a quiet day today. James has come home for the Summer and Granny is also here for a visit. It's nice to have the house busy again! James is getting rather good on the ukulele so I'm expecting a few lessons. Mum made a brilliant dinner tonight, I was getting so sick of sandwiches so I ate a lot! Teenie took me to Boots this evening and I may have bought some Chanel make up.. Whoops.

Finally, here is a picture of some of the cousins who were at Teenie's show on Saturday. She did amazingly well and we are all so proud of her.

I'm hoping the weather clears up.. I want to wear flip flops!

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  1. eh what!?! CHANEL MAKE UP! txt me STAT.