Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's June?!

Well hello there! I have been rather busy of late so I thought I would put up a few pics of what I've been doing.. Last Wednesday it was my cousin Grace's birthday and all the Glasgow based cousins were there. It was lovely! 

I can't believe how old we are all getting! Crazy. It's nice that at the moment we're all based in Glasgow but by September, Grace and Teenie are both moving to Edinburgh - that will be WEIRD.

On Thursday night we went to Wagamama's for dinner (yum) and then Rona, Teenie, Ruth and I went to an evening organised by the Teenage Cancer Trust to find out more about the charity.

It was a really interesting evening and we found out a lot about the new centre that they are currently raising money for in Edinburgh. I had never heard of the TCT before I was diagnosed but I have been so thankful for them. Most of my treatment was carried out in the Beatson and when I was in other hospitals I really noticed a difference. It is so nice having flexible visiting hours, internet access and even a microwave (probably one of the best parts of the 'Chill Out Zone')! If you came to visit me at the Beatson, you would've seen my swanky room which was pretty ace. However, TCT are not all about Sky TV and Playstations, they offer huge support for teenagers and young adults with cancer. My specialist nurse, Julie, has been amazing and I would've been totally lost without her. In Scotland, 6 teenagers or young adults are diagnosed with cancer every week and TCT are determined to open more specialist units over the country. TCT have a twitter (which you can follow) and they also have a website if you want to find out more... My friend Lynsey wrote a blog about this recently and I am kind of just repeating what she said! Have a look here... . I am really keen to get more involved with TCT and now that I'm starting to feel a bit better I hope I can!

On Friday I was on the go all day just tidying up and packing for the weekend. We were due to leave about 7ish and literally just as we were about to get in the car, I had to lie down. I had a huge wave of fatigue which hit me really suddenly. I haven't had a hit of tiredness like that for a while so it kind of threw me. I lay down for a wee while then managed to pick myself up for the drive up the road! On Saturday it was our friend Gill's wedding in St Andrews and it was such a beautiful setting. Gill and Mark got married in St Salvator's Chapel which was gorgeous. I took hardly any pictures so I will need to steal some from someone else! Gill looked amazing, her dress was stunning. It was a lovely sunny day too, only a little bit windy which wasn't good with such a flowy skirt!

Teenie, me and James before the wedding.

We spent the rest of the weekend in St Andrews and it was really nice to get away. We went to church in St Andrews on Sunday and it was a really nice service - the singing was great! On Monday Ruth came through for the day and we went to Anstruther for fish and chips.

I hadn't been to St Andrews in years and it was nice having a relaxing weekend away. I am desperate to go somewhere else now! Last night I watched The Apprentice with some chums and today I went to see my friend Dawn's new house. I now feel totally wiped! Think tonight will be a quiet one. This weekend it is my cousin Esther's fashion show and my friend Chloe's hen night - busy busy again! I had my blood checked on Tuesday and my counts are still a little bit on the low side but they're definitely picking up. Anyway, sorry for the photo heavy post. I thought I'd just write a wee update! Laters!


  1. It was awesome to see you this weekend, we should get together in coastal towns more often!

    I like your fancy new +1 button! Cutting edge - first time I've had the opportunity to use it!

  2. Great to see you too!

    What button is this?! I don't think I did anything... What does it do?! I have never been 'cutting edge' with technology..

  3. love your snaps,

    that is all.


  4. It's the new Google +1 button. Enormous excitement amongst the geeks - it's like a Facebook 'like' button for Google :D

  5. I've just come across your blog and started to read from the beginning, and am about to go and read through all of your posts. I just wanted to say that you and your blog are completely inspirational, I think you should be so proud of telling your story and I think it's fantastic how brave and positive you seem to have been throughout.
    Your friends hen do sounds a lot of fun! Hope you manage to find some good information about sun protection too xxx