Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's too darn hot

I have come to the realisation that I talk about the weather A LOT. Not in general conversation I don't think, but clearly I do here. Maybe because I always think of song titles to do with the weather?! Anywho, it was horrid when we left Glasgow on Sunday and when we arrived in London it was a total heatwave! Apparently it was hotter than the Caribbean.. As you probably know, I hate the heat so hadn't really packed for this. Oh well. I also loaded up on the sunscreen (as I am doing daily, even if I don't leave the house!). It was lovely to see Daphne again and she very kindly put up with us again! The next morning we were up bright and early to see the Prof and made our way to Charing Cross. I find it strange, that even though I've not been to London for two months, it feels like I've never been away. Very odd indeed. Anyway, we were at the hospital quite early so the Prof took us in straight away and was as positive as ever. He said it is great news that my HCG has remained below 5 since November and this is a very good sign. However, we are not to become too reliant on my HCG marker, as my tumour did behave rather unusually. He said that my hearing will not improve, but I would probably not benefit from a hearing aid at the moment. His specialist nurse, Sarah, was also there and kept on saying how much she loved my short hair! Quite a few people have said that I really suit it like this and I'm not sure if people are just being kind or genuinely mean it! I do quite like it, but I miss it being long.. We chatted for a while and I then went for a Chest X Ray (just protocol apparently). I have to make another appointment with him at the end of August/beginning of September. All in all, he was incredibly positive. I really like going to see him, he always answers every question we have (which is normally a lot) and never shies away from the truth. He has always been very honest with me which I really appreciate too.

After this, Dad and I headed to the V&A Museum for a look about. I was desperate to go to the Grace Kelly Exhibition there last year but whenever we booked tickets, I was always in hospital! How annoying. At the moment, there is an exhibition on called, 'The Cult of Beauty', which focuses on the artists of The Aesthetic Movement in the late 19th century. I don't know all that much about art, but I really fancied seeing this one. Tickets were £12 (what?!) so I thought I'd chance it, and see if I could get a discount with my disabled badge.. Turns out, you get in for free with 'two carers' if your flash your badge! So Dad (my carer..) and I got in for free - that was pretty good! I really enjoyed it and noticed that in a lot of paintings, many of the girls had ginger/red hair. One quote that was all over the exhibition was that the Aesthetic Movement was, 'Art for Art's Sake' - basically art existed in order to be beautiful. So, in essence, this means Rossetti, Whistler etc considered red hair to be beautiful - hurrah! I've never really liked my red hair, but I guess I just got used to it. I have definitely missed it since being bald though! I think it's only on for a couple more weeks, but it was really good. By this point, I was feeling rather tired and my feet started to hurt (stupid flat shoes) so we would look at a few galleries, sit, look at a few more, sit, look at some sculptures, get an ice tea.. Well you get the jist. After hitting the gift shop, we decided it was about time to go to Heathrow so we had plenty time to get dinner before the flight home. I loved the V&A, I would definitely go back again and DEFINITELY wear trainers.

My energy has improved so much - I would never have been able to go around a museum two months ago. I am finding as the weeks go by, I am able to do more and more. I find this prospect rather exciting as soon I will hopefully be able to do things that I used to do all the time!

On Monday it was James' birthday (19 years old.. Scary). Poor James isn't too well and constantly in a lot of pain due to a slipped disc in his back, so he couldn't do too much. Last night we went out for dinner to Mother India's Cafe and Teenie and Mum made an amazing cake for him..

The enthusiastic cutting of the cake..

This is a rather cringey photo of myself to show how long my hair is!

I'm not doing too much today - just tidying up my room (kind of..) and listening to some music. I went on a bit of CD spree the other day so I'm mixing it up with Beyonce, Bon Iver and The Pierces.. Years ago, Clare and I went to see Albert Hammond Junior and The Pierces were supporting him - I remember really enjoying them. Clare reminded me of them again recently so I thought I'd give their album a listen, it's pretty good so far. Here is a picture of the best day of Clare's life..

AHJ doesn't look very happy to be with us but I'm sure he's overjoyed on the inside.

Tonight I'm off to the theatre with Teenie and my chum Gavin so that will be great fun. I also have a 20s themed Murder Mystery Party on Friday which I am very excited about. I have a new wig for the occasion but need to get my costume sorted. On Saturday, Mum, Teenie, Ruth and I are going up to Fearn to visit Granny as she's just had her hip done. The Operation was last Tuesday and she has done remarkably well since then. I can't wait to go up and visit her, we've not been up north for so long. While we're up there, I hope we will be able to see some family and friends too.Well, I'm off to make some lunch - Happy Wednesday!


  1. Damn, that exhibition is basically my dissertation in exhibition format and I won't be in London till after it finishes :(

  2. I truly ADORE your short hair, you are the chicest thing on the block, jamesys cake looks INCREDIBLE! teen should be going to work in that cake shop we were in Edinburgh!xxxxxx

  3. You know I had the same thing...everyone commented on my short hair, at how great it looked now that it was short. And though I miss my long hair I wouldn't of had the guts to go this short before so I guess it's something that you should embrace whilst it's here. I basically think it is starting from scratch so go for every hair style imaginable!!! Oh and it is a great energy saver. It is the ultimate get up and go look! But I am jealous of your gorgeously red hair!!! Keep well and embrace the new you!!!

  4. Look how much your hair has grown in a week!! It's getting so much longer and thicker every time I see you!

    You DEFINITELY look brilliant with short hair, LOVE the red locks and can't wait to see them come back in force... clearly I won't have to wait long at this rate!

    That cake looks awesome- I want lessons Teenie!