Friday, 8 July 2011

I can see Granny's house

When we were kids, on the way to Granny's we would always compete to see who would be the first to see Granny's house.. This has now become a habit that whenever we are approaching Granny's house we have to say 'it'. I have had such a lovely week here and for now, will just pop some photo's up of Granny's garden. I have taken so many so it's just a few at the moment!

Isn't it beautiful? I love being here. Last weekend the weather was gorgeous - bit too warm for me really! 

Also, here is a picture of Fearn Abbey, the church where my parents were married. It is a lovely building. 

I have so many more photo's to share but I said I'd help Mum with dinner so I best be off!


  1. I LOVE granny's house! I think you will find that is FEAR ABBEY! miss you guys, drive safe today xxxxx