Sunday, 31 July 2011

I ain't got a motorboat, but I can float your boat

Oh hi there! Well, it has been a while! I have been rather busy these past few weeks but thought I would pop up a few pictures of the beautiful wedding I was at yesterday. I was asked to be a bridesmaid by my lovely friend Jemma (who I've known since History in first year and lived with in fourth year) which was so nice of her. A lot of planning has gone into the wedding and it went so smoothly. I went up on the Thursday for the rehearsal then spent the night at Jemma's on Friday night. We were up bright and early on Saturday to get everything ready for the day ahead. The sun was shining (I had sun cream in my first aid kit.. Holler) and it was just perfect. I am totally wiped so I'll just pop up a few pictures for now.

Jemma looked absolutely beautiful. As you can see...

I think this one is one of my favourites... Put your hands up!

I could talk about the wedding for days, so I will leave it here for now (well, until I steal Jamie's pictures). I hope those who were there will get the reference in the title of this post..

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  1. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS! you all look amazing love, what a beautiful day for it xxx