Monday, 11 July 2011

Hill of 'Fear'

Granny lives just outside a town called, 'Hill of Fearn'. Normally, whenever we visit, someone has painted over the 'N' on the sign turning it into 'Hill of Fear'.. For some reason, I find this hilarious (easily amused). Unfortunately, the 'N' was still present when we were up north. I was tempted to get some paint and do it myself! Probably best I didn't though. We are now back home and it feels like we haven't been away! I'm just going to pop up a few photo's of our time up north, it was so lovely to be away. Granny is doing very well, she'll be running about in no time!

It was great to catch up with family that we hadn't seen for a while (thanks for the amazing coffee cake Carole!). On Thursday (I think), Mum and I went into Dornoch which I LOVED. In one shop there was a whole room dedicated to scented soap and candles.. Totally up my street. We also went to Dornoch Cathedral where Granny and Grandpa got married. It is a beautiful church and I'm glad we were able to see it. 

On the Friday before we went up north, Ruth and I went to my friend Lynsey's 20's themed Murder Mystery Party. I've never been to one before so was well excited. It was kind of like a more intense version of 'Mafia' and was so much fun. 

I got a black wig for the party (as you can see.. Duh) and also painted my eyebrows black. I looked well weird. 

In health related news (snore), I guess I'm doing alright. I am still taking Magnesium supplements and am hoping at my blood test tomorrow it will have picked up a bit. I also managed to get day tickets to TITP (from TCT) and am aching all over today from standing for so long. I need to steal Teenie's photo's from that so will put them up soon! The day was totally ace but I will save that chat for later! 

This week I don't have much planned. Is it sad if I say it's going to be filled with Harry Potter?! We're going to see the last film on Friday morning (SUPER EXCITED) so Teenie and I are having a Harry Potter marathon this week. As I've been so sore today, I've not really done much at all. There's so many things I've been meaning to do today but I just can't be bothered... Oh well!


  1. Those pictures really are getting me longing for coming up to Scotland again... Some day I will...
    Glad to hear you are catching up on strength and able to enjoy yourself again!

  2. I am sad to be missing a potter marathon! and you will have to come see it twice so you can take me and explain it all.....xxxxxxx

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  4. I always forget the scottish coast is so beautiful, these pictures are lovely! Hope you had a great time at TITP lady. You and Ruth look fab at the murder mystery :) the brownie recipe was luisas, she knows it off my heart and just called it out to me as I was making it so I defo cant take credit for that :p I feel like it might be the lorainne pascale one... not too sure tho. Will find out for you! xx

  5. what a happy post. what a beautiful little place, lovely photos.

    Helen, X