Sunday, 17 July 2011

'We can't just stand here, who's got an idea?'

I am currently writing this at 8pm on a Sunday night in my bed.. I have been in my bed all day and I'm incredibly bored. My stomach has been very sore the past couple of days and I'm not sure why. Paracetamol doesn't seem to get rid of it so I am currently trying to ignore it.. This plan is not working. It's not dreadful, just an annoying, dull pain. VERY ANNOYING.

Last week was pretty busy so maybe I'm just completely knackered from that?! Anyway, the obvious highlight was HARRY POTTER on Friday morning. The Brown cousins were down so we all went to see that. Teenie and I gave ourselves Harry Potter manicures.. We were so impressed with our work.

The cinema wasn't that busy (as we went first thing on Friday morning) which I was quite surprised at. The film was great. I think it was my favourite one from the series. Teenie and I were in tears at various points (sad, sad, sad etc) so I was glad I put on waterproof mascara. I am such a wimp.

As I mentioned before, Teenie and I went to T in the Park last week. It was so much fun! We spent most of the time celeb spotting in the VIP tent - holla! My best spot was Taylor Momsen - she looked crazy skinny. There was a Rainbow Rooms mini hair salon there and I asked if they would tidy up my hair for me. They were lovely and had me sitting there within seconds! I got a few odd looks from people as they were clearly thinking, 'why is that girl with incredibly short hair, getting her hair cut even shorter?!'. Oh well, I didn't care. At one point Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters came to sit next to me to pose for a photo - I had no idea who he was or why people were fussing around him. I realised after he left..

After the tour, Teenie and I managed to catch a couple of bands which was great fun - my inner Emo definitely came out. We didn't stay to the end as my legs were about to give way but it was ace none the less.

Apologies for this rather dull post but I am going to have an early night and hope this sore stomach doesn't keep me awake.. Fingers crossed.

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  1. hope you get some rest little one-love your snaps xxxx