Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I feel like I have had an incredibly busy few weeks and things have now started to calm down. I didn't wake up until 11.30 this morning and even though I was rather restless, I am definitely sleeping better. I feel like my hands have picked up a lot more in these past few weeks, but my feet are still pretty tingly. I went to get my hearing tested again and it has got slightly worse since the last round of High Dose. The hearing test consists of wearing headphones and pushing a button whenever you can hear a sound. The sounds are quite high pitched and I was struggling trying to figure out what was my tinnitus, and what the sounds from the machine were. She advised that I probably wouldn't benefit from a hearing aid at the moment as it might just highlight/aggravate what I'm finding hard to hear. She also pointed out that I have narrow ear canals which doesn't help.. I have been told this before but thought it was a load of rubbish! Apparently it's an actual 'thing'.

On Friday I went for a (rather long) walk around Drumpellier Country Park with Jamie and Teenie and we also met up with Barbara and Mark to feed the ducks which was lovely! I forgot how much fun it was feeding ducks! It was such a warm day and it was the first day I went without wearing a hat.. I felt very strange not wearing a hat as I don't think my hair is at an 'acceptable length' yet.

On Friday night we went to see X Men: First Class which was GREAT. I love Superhero films and this one was ace. I would totally go and see it again. On Saturday we went to Esther's Fashion Show which was really exciting! It was also really good getting to catch up with Auntie Rosemary as we haven't seen her for ages. The show was at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Esther's designs looked so good on the catwalk. I had seen her drawings of them and I was so impressed to see the finished product. Esther is clearly one talented girl - we were all very proud of her.

On Saturday night it was my friend Chloe's hen night which was so much fun. It was great being out and I managed to stay in my heels all night! Also, Chloe - you were clearly the best at the karaoke.

On Monday my friend Will managed to get tickets for the X Factor so we made our way (with Martin) to the SECC. The 'performers' were actually a lot better than I thought they would be. However, there were a MILLION covers of any Adele song which got a bit samey. It was great fun though, we had a hoot!

Now that it's getting sunnier (some days) and my hair is starting to come back, I'm starting to think about how best to protect my skin. I've been told I need to wear SPF at all times (well, when outdoors) and to cover up in the sun. I have enlisted my BFF Ruth to help me research what are the best products. There is very little information about skincare after chemo on the internet which I am surprised about. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

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  1. Hi Mairead, there is a website I use to order my (many) vitamins and supplements called and it does a lot of natural/ organic skincare stuff like JASON and Burt's Bees brands and others. It's a US site, so it is way cheaper than home but not sure what delivery would be. It might be a good place to look at lots of items in one place though and then you could see if you can get the ones you want somewhere at home. Recently I read an article about toxic products to avoid in sunscreen, can't remember where but googling that might throw it up for you and then you can check ingredients lists! Generally the fewer the ingredients, the better.

    Also, your Mum may already be onto this, but over here many doctors are testing vitamin D levels now and recommending supplements, especially for cancer patients/ other illnesses/ immune support so you might want to look into that if you're avoiding the sun on your skin - the vitamin D council website has loads of info.