Thursday, 27 January 2011

Keep an eye on it

The above was my mums advice when I told her I thought I was getting a sty on my eye.. She should go into stand up eh? Well probably not, but she was amused at her off the cuff comment. I've been pretty busy this past week, just meeting up with folk I've not seen in a while and trying to sort things out. I've also been trying to walk more so my calves are killing me! Grandpa Inverness (as we call him) came to visit from Saturday to Tuesday and it was great to see him. Granny couldn't come down as she had a cold. Hopefully we'll be able to go to Inverness and visit soon.

On Saturday my friend Andy hosted a Burns Supper which was great. He cooked up a marvellous meal and everyone took their speeches very seriously. Ally even did a reading of Tam O' Shanter by candlelight, very Burnsy! It was a lovely evening and so good to see everyone. On Sunday we went to church and Alice came round for lunch. It was good to have a catch up and we just blethered the whole afternoon. Grandpa went home on Tuesday - the bus only cost him 50p! I thought that was pretty swell. That's something to look forward to when I'm an OAP.

I had the Beatson today to check my bloods and do my Hickman Line and things. My Magnesium is still pretty low but everything else seems OK. After that, Mum and I popped into town to meet Cat, ML and Cat's Mum Ruth for a coffee in Princes Square. It was lovely to see them and ML gave me a gift which I love... It is HILARIOUS.

Dad once spent a whole afternoon in the hospital looking at this website so I'm sure he will also love this book.

I have received some lovely gifts recently. Our friend Jantine from Holland sent an amazing quilt and some drop. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, here is a picture of Teenie and I posing with it..

Doesn't it look amazing?! It took her three years to make and it looks very impressive. I also received some lovely socks from Jamie's Granny which she made herself! They are so comfy. I have worn the other pairs so many times and they are great to have in the hospital as they are so cosy. Thank you!

Recently I have been obsessing over my eyelashes (not much has changed) and even though I am still totally bald, my eyelashes have stood firm. I presumed they would go with the high dose but I'm happy to report that they've remained in place! I am using the eyelash stuff Auntie W bought me every night and some new Lamcome mascara which I am loading on. This pic shows how much my eyelashes have grown since October..

They're not as long as they were but at least I know they're growing! OK, I'll stop as I could talk about eyelashes all day.

The only other news here is that our old cat Twinkle had an operation today to get her thyroid removed. We think she is about 16 but I have no idea how old that is in cat years. I'm guessing pretty old. Here is a picture of Teen posing with Twinkle last night..

Most people know that I am not Twinkle's biggest fan but I am happy to report that her op went well, she's a resilient creature indeed. She definitely has more than 9 lives and has outlived every other pet we've had. We did have another cat, who Twinkle hated, called Simba. He was a ginger cat, totally mental and we have no idea what happened to him. I was once entered into a pet lookalike competition with him and we won (actually, I can't remember if we won or came second - both obviously a great achievement). Rona was obsessed with Simba and even brushed his teeth for the occasion. This was a long time ago - it was a pet competition in the Tunnock's Car Park! I can't remember when it was he disappeared but we were all pretty sad at the time. Well, everyone except Twinkle.

OK I think I'll be off now. I just want to say big love to the Jackson's. XXX

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  1. Thank you for showing my quilt on your blog! I made it with a lot of love and hope it will keep you warm when you need it!