Saturday, 15 January 2011

This feels familiar...

I am currently writing this post from Ward B4 at the Beatson. We got a call from our GP last night (about 5.30) saying my Magnesium and Potassium were pretty low and I would need to come in for replacement fluids. It's typical that these things always happen on Friday night! I've not been feeling drastically different, just still really tired. Apparently my neutrophils have also gone down but that's pretty normal. I've been hooked up to a drip all night and getting my blood checked when they're done. I'm hoping things will have picked up and they'll let me out today. It's typical, whenever I make plans they get totally messed up! So, can everyone please cross their fingers and hope that my blood is OK so I can get out this afternoon? Thanks, much appreciated.

I've had quite a busy week really. Jamie came over on Tuesday and on Wednesday the Music Girls came round and Ruth & Gordon came round for dinner. It was lovely but by the time they all left I was wiped! It was so good to see them all though. On Thursday Teenie, Mum, Ruth and myself went to Silverburn to meet Sarah, Grace and ML for dinner. We took Ruth for her first Nando's - don't think we'll be rushing back anytime soon. I'd much prefer the Crashakk (Ruth will be forced there despite her fear of fish). Anywho, it was a lovely evening until I started to feel very sick and we had to rush home. I was quite surprised as I've not had one of these 'sickness waves' for a while - we think it's due to a new antibiotics I've been prescribed.

Yesterday we took Granny to see The King's Speech and it was just wonderful. I was a bit wary to believe all the hype around it so wasn't too excited but it really was great. Colin Firth was so convincing. The music was just marvellous too. The score was by Alexandre Desplat who has written the music for Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Queen etc. I think he did a very good job! After the film Granny was saying she remembers King George VI making the speech (to the country in 1939) on the radio, she thinks she was about 10 at the time. I found the film so emotive and can't begin to imagine how everyone felt at the time. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this film to all!

It's very strange being back in the Beatson. I've not been here since September (I think) and it's odd being in a different ward. Odd in a good way though.. The nurses are lovely and they are all very aware that I want to scoot out as quickly as possible. I just hope I can. I will keep you all posted... I think the IV machine might be running out of battery so I best be off. Happy Saturday!



    peace out= A town down xxxx

  2. Hope you escape pronto! I am well up for crabshakk - i have wanted to go for ages. x