Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Whoa! Does it feel good to be outta there!

For those who do not understand this reference, it is what the Genie from Aladdin says when he is freed from the lamp. This afternoon, I was freed from my lamp (Hammersmith Hospital) and I was SO HAPPY. Here is a picture of the genie for you all...

Now, the genie was in the lamp for 10,000 years before Aladdin freed him. I know, I know, 3 weeks and two days is NOTHING compared to 10,000 years but at times it definitely did feel like that! The poor genie. At least I wasn't all mushed up inside a lamp and had some room to move about. The genie must have felt incredibly restricted. In case you are all wondering, I am fully aware that Aladdin is a cartoon and my stay in hospital has not made me crazy. Well, not yet. Aladdin is probably in my top 5 Disney films but has always been Rona's favourite. I ALWAYS associate this film with her (mainly because she fancied Aladdin and wanted to be Jasmine, understandable of course).

Today has passed by incredibly slowly. Last night I was unhooked from EVERYTHING (an amazing feeling to not have to walk around carrying anything) so I slept a little bit better. In the morning Teenie and Grace popped in before they went to St Pancras to go to Paris (me, jealous? not at all). It was great to see Grace and it made me realise how much I missed seeing all the family at New Year. She said they had a lovely time in Skye but it wasn't the same without us Macleod's (obvs). Normally we have a family picture taken, here's one from a few years ago...

I think this one is from 2006 so we have all changed a lot since then! I would love to find all the photo's and put them in order. That is a job to do when I'm home. This was the year I was studying Music Technology as one of my courses (which I loved). We had to create a 'Soundscape' and I decided to do my soundscape of New Year in Skye. It covered a walk around the hills, the bells, New Years Day Service (Gaelic Psalm Singing included) and New Years Lunch to name a few things. I think it was my favourite ever assignment and it got me an A! Hurrah! It would be nice to listen to it actually, I wonder where it is..

Anyway, I have completely veered off the subject! I am bad at that, just rambling away. So yes, Teenie and Grace are off to Paris. I always feel sad saying 'Goodbye' to Teenie, she has been unbelievably amazing. I know I slag her quite a lot but she knows it's all in jest. Also, if she reads this, I hope she knows I'm saying this so she gets me a good present.. Joking..

My Doctor, Anita, came in this morning about 10ish to tell me she no longer had to wear a plastic apron and that my neutrophils were 1.8! Great! So, this meant I could leave the hospital! The crew came round and we (I say we, I mean Mum) packed up my stuff and got ready to go. Rona and James had to leave to get their train about 2ish (I think) and my prescription arrived a wee while after that. There was some slight confusion about it but we seem to have everything there now. I have A LOT of tablets to take. Great. We eventually left the hospital about 5pm (it always seems to be timed at rush hour) and after giving away lots of biscuits and sweeties to folk in the ward we then realised how much stuff we had to fit into the taxi... Mum, Dad an myself have LOADS to take home. I don't think we knew there would be that much! It was simply marvellous arriving at Daphne's. She has been so incredibly kind letting us completely take over her house and has been so accommodating. I have no idea how she has put up with us for so long!

I am unsure exactly when we will be allowed home. Dad is going off tomorrow and I have an appointment at Charing Cross on Thursday and one at Hammersmith on Friday. We're expecting the doctors to say they want me to have another round of the high dose.. I am not looking forward to this conversation so I'm trying not to think about it. Knowing my luck, it will be at my birthday. Who knows though eh?! Mum's thinking the safest bet is to get the Sleeper home - she doesn't want the riff raff coughing around me. I am really looking forward to getting home. I can't believe we've been away for nearly a month! It will feel great to be back.

Once again I have gone on and on without really saying anything. Thanks again to those sending messages, I really appreciate them. It has been an incredibly tough few weeks and there's some people who I would not have been able to go through this without. Thanks guys.

So, this blog has informed us all that I am thankful my '10,000 years' (for now) are over and I never want to be a genie. I'm starting to feel slightly bad for Jafar.. No, he totally deserves it.


  1. this made me mega lol dad. I was oddly in love with that genie(I think it was the robin williams voice bit!)I am soooo excited to get you back safe and sound and curl up with some O.C.

    Say hey to Daphers for me ( and find a choc.....)



    PS Tennie really is the best person in the world, and the most beautiful. I want a pressie too OBVS mwahahaha

  2. LOVING the genie chat. Aladdin was amazing. A close runner up to the lion king I feel....

    Super excited that you're out darling.

    loooooooove love love

  3. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lefsy2U3q81qf8yek.gif