Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pills pills pills... Just like the Destiny's Child song.

Pills are playing on my mind. I have always been rubbish at taking pills (which I think I have mentioned before) and you'd think that I'd be an expert now. Oooohh no. I got out of the Beatson on Saturday afternoon (thank goodness) as my Magnesium and Potassium had risen. My blood was taken again on Monday and my Magnesium had gone down again. As of this, I now have to take Magnesium tablets. AND THEY ARE HUGE. I have to take two every three hours and they are the size of a 2 pence piece. Ok, slight exaggeration there but they are pretty big. Mum has been splitting them for me so along with my antibiotics I have to take about 10, three times a day. Not much fun. Aside from the pills, Mum has been force feeding me banana's as apparently they have a lot of Potassium in them. This would be fine if I liked banana's but I would probably rank them as my least favourite fruit. I do like banana loaf but apparently this doesn't count. To sum up this paragraph, I am really annoyed with my Magnesium and Potassium levels. They are just being plain awkward.

Anywho, I was very happy to be released from the Beatson on Saturday. As Stef is recently back from Vietnam, we had planned for the 'Booty' crew to come round and have a big catch up. It was so great to see everyone and we managed to watch the Film & TV crew's final piece of work for uni.. A visual masterpiece called 'Where's The Booty?'. Booty love guys. The next day I went to church with the family and it was so good to see everyone again. Marc was giggling throughout the whole service.. Mainly because Teenie and I were tickling him - he's so cute when he laughs though! After the service I managed to catch up with Mary, May and Janice which was great. Ian also recited his Burns poem for school which he has memorised very well. I never did Burns at school but I remember Teenie doing one about a dog in Primary 2. She said it ALL the time and can still remember it. So I'm sure Ian will remember his for years too! On Sunday afternoon my cousins Rosanna and Esther came out for lunch so it was lovely to see them. We've always been very close with our cousins and it's so nice that a lot of us are now in Glasgow.

By Sunday afternoon I was totally knackered so tried to have a nap... This proved unsuccessful as I can never sleep during the day. Oh well. I just took it easy yesterday and in the evening went out for dinner with Jamie, Ruth & co. I hadn't seen Amy or Ally this year yet so it was great to see them. It isn't too late to still say 'Happy New Year' when you see someone for the first time is it? We were debating this but I can't remember what the conclusion was. Today has been rather quiet too. It's Mums birthday tomorrow so I'm saving my energy for that! I hope she likes her presents..

My apologies that this hasn't been a very exciting post. The most exciting thing I've done in the past two days was sort out my Grey's Anatomy DVDS (thanks Ruth and Gordon - we know we will never be doing that again). Well, I'm off downstairs. I bet I'll be told to eat a banana. I can't wait.


  1. I was discussing the 'happy new year' thing the other night. We came to the conclusion that up to about 2 & a half weeks in is fine, after that is awkward.

    I don't like bananas either, but I do like them when mashed up on a bit of toast with butter. Worth a try?

  2. Bananas NOOOOOO.They are the rubbish of all the fruit. Did you watch the gyspys last night? I dont know why I am asking on here, I will text you in a mo anyway!


  3. I'll have you know that I won with that poem.... it was incredible, aw Daddy wid ye git us a dug!