Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sweetie Face

A new sweetie shop has opened on Argyle Street and I managed to pay a visit on Wednesday.. As my tastebuds are still a bit all over the place, we bought quite a few sour sweets. I tried one on Wednesday night and it is definitely the sourest sweet I have tried - I quite liked it though! For some reason, I then decided it would be funny to take a picture of folk trying to eat it (inspiration from Hamish!). To start with, here is a picture of the sweets.. Look quite innocent yes?

So I started with Mum and Dad.. They couldn't hack it.

Jamie then tried it.. He did ok. This was the after shot.

Next up we have Teenie.. She couldn't even try the sweet - it's fair to say she was pathetic.

Finlay and Christine came to visit so obviously I had to try it out on them. They both coped very well and were the first people to actually eat the sweet. Yes, that's me laughing in the background.

Rona seemed quite unphased by it all but I still managed to catch a not so great snap of her so that works for me.

Last night Ruth, Clare and Louise came round so I let them try one.. Let's just say, none of them were very impressed.

So clearly I've been having a busy few days! I had the Beatson on Thursday which was fine. Just had a blether about the high dose and things. I didn't do much during the day yesterday. Granny showed me how to make tablet - there's more to it than I thought! Granny went home last night but hopefully we'll be able to go up north to see her soon. Anyway I'm off to have a shower, laters!


  1. Ruth has genuine fear in her eyes! haha!

  2. JINGS just thinking about it makes me shudder. I ate so so so much tablet last night....