Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mind that time?

For some reason, this is a phrase that I say constantly. I'm unsure if it is an 'Uddingston thing' or a 'Mairead thing' but I do say it a lot. Last night I was BBM-ing (Blackberry Messaging for those not in the know) my chum Cat and reminiscing about our time in Peru. When we start blethering about Peru we go on for hours but last night we were chatting about my favourite story from our time there and I still laugh whenever I think about it. Ok, so I'll tell you it in brief. It would be unfair not to. So, we were round at a friends flat and all chatting when some of the guys started having a heated discussion about something (we couldn't hear what). We were intrigued as to what they were talking about so Cat delved in, only to discover they were talking about how much they loved 'breast feeding'. I can't quite remember how long it took, but we eventually found out what they actually enjoyed talking about was 'wrestling'. Turns out Cat misheard them and when trying to contribute to the conversation they all thought she was rather strange.. Wonder why. It's one of those stories that nobody else ever really finds funny (oh yeah, one of those 'you had to be there' type stories) but oh well. I will always remember the look on Cat's face at that moment of discovery. This leads me on to what is probably my 'favourite story ever' and one that my Mum will always get me to produce at the dinner table if someone in our acquaintance doesn't know it. So here goes... There was this one time that... A fox stole my shoe. Yes, if you have not heard this story before (and if you know me, you probably have), a fox did steal my shoe. I was playing shoe fling in the park at Highborough Road one night (as you do) and I flung my shoe (really far might I add) and a fox came along, bit into my shoe and ran off with it. Everyone stared around for a bit and Jamie and Gordon ran after it (or tried to, which was difficult as they were laughing so much) but to no avail. My shoe was a goner. Since then I have not been all that fond of foxes. So there you have it, my 'favourite story ever'.

Blogs are a really self indulgent thing eh? I just feel like I'm talking to myself, it's all rather odd really. I guess I should be used to it now but oh well! I'll just keep plodding along with it.

The girls arrived back from Paris last night and it sounds like they had a hoot. Teenie is like a walking Encyclopedia about the French Revolution (Marie Antoinette in particular) and it's made me realise how much I've forgotten from Higher History. I loved history at school and studied it for my first two years at Uni but not really read any history books since then. They brought me back a lovely Amethyst pendant which I am very excited to wear. We have decided when I'm better that we're all going to go for a trip. Teenie has been quite a few times now so is a pretty good tour guide apparently!

I've slept better the past few nights, well except last night I guess. I woke up at 4 totally wide awake so picked up the book I've been reading the past couple of days and finished it. I think I'm the last person to have read it (One Day by David Nicholls) but I adored it. It's been ages since I have loved a book that much. I also cried about ten times throughout it, oh it was great! I now feel strangely at a loss without Dexter and Emma...

Anyway, I have no great plans for the day. Jamie is coming out for lunch and Granny is coming over in the afternoon. I know I need to take it easy this week but I feel I have so much to do! I think I'll leave this rambling blog post here... Toodles!


  1. I will never ever forget that fox story - it is probably the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. Thanks for posting - it has been a good memory to end a lunch hour with! x

  2. I agree this has pleased me mucho.That fox looked so pleased with itself. I combed the streets for days in hope of finding that poor shoe.

    And we do say mind that time A LOT. becasue we have so many times to mind I reckon :)

    I am scared of what this book may do to me- but very much looking forward to stealing it from your collection, whoooop.


  3. Mairead, I finished One Day almost a year ago and I still miss Dex and Em. There's a film coming out soon with Anna Hathaway: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1563738/
    They're the new Tim and Daisy.xx

  4. That fox story is immense! Ohh your wee shoe....

    I've not read One Day- can I nab it off you? How long is the waiting list??

    Hope you got Granny to teach you scone baking. I'll be taking note of recipes :)


  5. hi! just wanted to say that you have a really interesting blog. i enjoyed reading this post! :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. :)

    <3, Mimi