Thursday, 20 January 2011

So it turns out...

The tablets I have been taking are dissolvable. Yup. The tablets which (at one point) we were separating into 16 (yes, 16) individual bits are actually ones that are soluble. I discovered this whilst choking on one and realising that it was dissolving in my mouth... In my defence, it does not say this on the bottle! But I guess I was happy at the realisation of this.

My father pointed out some mistakes with my last blog - some spelling mistakes (which I think I have fixed) and the fact that the 'Burns Poem' Teenie recited in Primary 2 is not actually Burns. Who knows how she won a prize in the Burns Competition then?!

Yesterday was my mum's birthday so we went into town to Cranachan in Princes Square for lunch. James came through for the afternoon and Rona managed to come during her lunch hour. It was very nice, just a wee light lunch as we were going out for dinner in the evening too.

This is James' current hair situation. Sorry bro, but it's starting to get ridiculous. I've ordered him to get a haircut before my birthday. Maybe it's time to go for the Amish style...?

After lunch we managed to fit in some shopping (my first time at the shops since before Christmas!). My excuse was that I really need to build up strength in my legs.. And obviously look at the Ted Baker sale. I got a nice wee dress and some make up from Frasers and Debenhams that I'd been wanting for a while. All in all, a lovely day! That evening we went out for dinner in Bothwell and it was very nice. For my starter I asked for a side plate and just stole parts of everyone elses (pretty good idea I thought) and for my main I had veal. It was yummy!

I wore my wig as Granny hadn't seen it on me yet and it was actully really sore! I'm not sure why, maybe I'm just not used to it as I've not worn it in a while. Anyway, we had a lovely meal and then just went home for cake and presents. Here is a snap of Mum posing with one of her amazing gifts from her amazing children... Ahem.. There may have been an alterior motive in us buying her a cake stand as she will obviously have to fill it at some point but that's fine yeah?!

Teenie made a cake (which I haven't tried yet... breakfast?!) and apparently it's just a coincidence that it's in Celtic colours. It looks quite nice though yes?

I don't have a huge amount planned today. I am supposed to be getting ready for going into the Beatson and I am yet to leave my bed. I plan to soon. It's just for a catch up with my doctor and my specialist nurse. It will be good to touch base with them and then they can report to the prof with how I'm doing. We still don't know when the high dose will be but I'm saying to myself probably the end of February.. I think my fingers are starting to improve. They're still very tingly but not as bad as they were. William bought me a piano book (which I LOVE, thanks Will) and I've been playing that OK so they must be a bit better. My feet are still really numb though, when I step into the shower I have no idea how hot it is! I always seem to have a sore head and back at the moment too. I'm not sure why, maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep.

I'm looking forward to the next few days. Jamie is coming out this afternoon (hopefully we'll watch some West Wing, I feel like it's been too long) and Ruth, Clare and Louise are coming out for dinner tomorrow. On Saturday I am going to a Burns Supper and I'm desperate to wear something tartan.. Unfortunately, I think my Dad's kilt may be slightly too big... I also looked online for a tartan wig, apparently these don't exist (gap in the market...?). Maybe I'll just paint my nails in a tartan way?!

Right, I really should start getting ready. Over and out.


  1. I hope you are not forgetting the tartan sash I have for you young lady :) also tablet lol. Aw man glad you know now at least. I am jealous at all the food of yesterday, looks a great day- your granny looks so glam!


  2. I'm only saying this because coincidentally Mark had a go at me about the exact same thing recently and I was nonethewiser. Apparently that is not a cake stand, it is a dessert stand. Apparently this is a cake stand:

    Well I never; it's all cake to me. I'll call them raised nom-plates and have my cake and eat it.

  3. we did loads of poems by this guy called Anon for our Burns competition. i later found out that this stood for anonymous.

    the only lines i can really remember are:

    "something something something something a stooshy and a stramash
    the crabbit wifey up the stair put up her windae sash."

    actually i have googled that line and found out it is called Street Talk by JK Anand, who is different from "Anon".

    I have yet to decide what I will be reading for the dinner. Perhaps it will be by Burns, but maybe it will be another Scots poem... We shall see.... xxx